Shaft Alignment "Recorded"

Shaft Alignment "Recorded"

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 ENG.Ahmed Abdelrahman



Course Content

Chapter One: Introduction

  • Shaft alignment definition.
  • Shaft misalignment definition.
  • Shaft misalignment types
    • Vertical plane misalignment.
      • Parallel misalignment.
      • Angular misalignment.
    • Horizontal plane misalignment.
      • Parallel misalignment.
      • Angular misalignment.
    • Why should shaft alignment be done?
    • How often will shaft alignment be done?
      • As needed.
        • After any remove of driver and/or driven for any reason.
        • After root cause analysis of a fault leads to misalignment condition. (Symptoms of misalignment).
      • Periodic shaft alignment check.
    • Couplings

Chapter Two: Shaft Alignment in brief

  • Shaft alignment tolerances
  • How to move the movable machine to adjust alignment?
    • Shims
  • Shaft alignment methods:
    • Straight edge method (Rough alignment)
    • Dial indicators method
      • Reversed Indicators method
      • Face and rim method
    • Laser alignment kit

Chapter Three: Shaft alignment pre-checks

  • Used tools
    • Dial indicator
    • Feeler gauge
  • Piping stresses on the machines
  • The foundation and base plate problems
  • Bearing clearance checks
  • Shaft and coupling hub run out
  • Soft foot check
  • Thermal growth

Chapter Four: Straight edge method

  • Used tools
    • Straight edge
    • Feeler gauge
  • Straight edge method steps
  • Straight edge method defects

Chapter Five: Dial indicators method

  • Used tools
    • Dial indicators
    • Fixing brackets
      • Dial indicator sag
    • Reversed indicator method steps
    • Face and rim method steps
    • Comparison between reversed indicators method and face and rim method
    • Dial indicators method defects

Chapter Six: Laser alignment

  • Used tools
  • Laser alignment steps
  • Comparison between alignment methods