• Online Courses and Live Sessions

We provide technical practical informative courses and sessions by certified and experts, well known in mechanical field we held more than 1000+ training hours physical and online training in mechanical engineering field through our website and online platforms like Facebook Page and YouTube Channel. moreover, we can organize on-demand technical practical informative courses and sessions by certified and experts for individuals and companies.


  • Consulting Services

Our skilled advisory team of consultants works with you to identify the best path forward for the facilities and operations of your company using lean management system and six sigma and other management techniques to improve processes and create efficiencies in the overall management process and reaching your business objective by minimize waste, while saving costs against that saved waste and maximize production value.

  • Design and Shop drawing Services
We have professionals at MEP design and shop drawings have experiences more than 15 years at mega consulting offices and construction companies making but not limited to following tasks efficiently
    • Design HVAC Systems, Our HVAC design engineers create heating and cooling systems and their controls, Calculate Heating and Cooling Needs, Interpret and Draft Plans, Calculate Ventilation Requirements, Determine Budget Costs, Coordinate with Others and Adhere to All Building Codes
    • Plumbing systems, Our Plumbing engineers design and draft plumbing systems including water distribution, drainage, swimming pool systems, decorative fountain systems, compressed gases, fuel systems for different buildings and facilities, managing project budgets, designing and implementing plumbing systems, and managing teams.
    • firefighting design, preparation of drawings of fire suppression systems, including wet and dry sprinkler and standpipe systems and specialized fire suppression systems and smoke control systems, including emergency exhaust system for atrium and exit stair pressurizations, calculations, bills of quantities, contract documents, etc. Verifies that all designs, drawings and documents are to current codes and standards.
    • Air distribution and ventilation systems, including those required for control of carbon monoxide, and specialized industrial ventilation systems, such as dust collection systems, explosion prevention systems, commercial kitchen exhaust systems, and heat recovery systems.

  • Product Selection and Maintenance Plans
We help to select the right devices for your tasks. In addition, Maintenance Plans which ensure the proper running of your equipment and increase its life-time.
  • Contracted Maintenance Services

Maintenance is more important than ever in manufacturing as pressure rises to deliver products the instantaneous world we live in. In order to ensure machines are able to efficiently and rapidly produce product without hiccups, maintenance practices have expanded beyond standard preventive maintenance initiatives into more proactive and even predictive strategies, help organizations to achieve greater cost savings, efficiency improvements and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metrics than ever before.

MCO Contracted maintenance service provides the expertise, personnel, and resource time to implement and operate the right equipment and strategies for these advanced, innovative maintenance tactics. This type of maintenance investment is designed to provide you the maximum return while you and your team get back to focusing on core operations.

Our industrial maintenance experiences can fulfill a range of maintenance-related tasks in your manufacturing facility, providing as much or as little coverage as you need to fill skills gaps or inefficient, our contracted maintenance services can fill maintenance skills gaps across the manufacturing floor — providing experienced personnel to maintain (or help implement) our maintenance program outsourcing for maintenance to ensure uptime of equipment by implementing our program

Proactive Maintenance Program Implementation

Predictive Maintenance Program Implementation

Preventive Maintenance Management


  • Career Coaching Program
We believe that each engineer should have set of skills required side to side with technical knowledge and also positive attitude, that make us in MCO concerning provide these skills on our career coaching program
    • Build confidence and define your value proposition.
    • Set goals and build a roadmap to your destination to grow Professionally
    • How to personalize your Career plan
    • Learn critical skills required in today's work environment.
    • Help Navigate Difficult Career Decisions
    • Self-motivation at your career.
    • Make informed decisions about the evolution of your career.
    • How to build connections.
We offer online and face-to-face Career Coaching program as a support services for engineers at any career stage.