Mechanical seal  (Selection, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Failure Diagnostics) "Live"

Mechanical seal (Selection, Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Failure Diagnostics) "Live"

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Course Content

  • Principle of operation of mechanical seals
    • basic components of a mechanical seal
    • Barrier Fluid, Thermal Considerations and Hydraulic balance
    • Advantages of Mechanical Seals
    • how process fluid, temperature and operational conditions affect mechanical seals


  • Environmental Control of Mechanical Seals
    • Sealing Abrasives and Sealing Crystallizing Fluid
    • Temperature Control
    • Seal Flushing and API Seal Flush Plans


  • Mechanical seal designs ,selection and arrangements
    • Classifications of Mechanical Seals
    • Materials of Construction
    • Mechanical Seal Specifications
    • ANSI/API 682 Seal Specifications
    • Seal Arrangement Selection
    • Seal Design Selection
    • Secondary Sealing Devices
    • Case Studies


  • Failure analysis of mechanical seals
    • causes of Mechanical Seal Failure
    • Seal Failure Analysis
    • Seal Face Deflection
    • Seal Failure due to Heat Buildup
    • Troubleshooting
    • Examples and Case Studies
    • Identify seal damage caused by chemical attack, heat and mechanical action


  • Mechanical Seal Installation and Maintenance
    • Identify the correct tools and procedures for maintaining mechanical seal
    • Equipment Check Points
    • Seals Check Points
    • Installation of a Mechanical Seal
    • Required Maintenance Tools
    • Removal of a Mechanical Seal
    • O-ring installation
    • Seal Reassembly